3 surefire ways to keep appointments

3 surefire ways to keep appointments
3 surefire ways to keep appointments

Yesterday I was running around like a mad woman. I woke up at a decent time (6ish), got ready and almost immediately got to work. My day started to go downhill, however, when I was 1 minute late to my DMV appointment to change my name and my wait got extended to 70 minutes. (I stopped to chat to my elderly neighbor… trying to do something nice and it ended up nipping me in the butt. Ugh). Then I had 2 errands to run and by the time I got back home, I had been gone for 2 1/2 hours. A HUGE chunk of time. I was stressed, I was mad, I was anxious by the time I got home at 4pm.

I started to stress out too because our house was a mess and we were expecting company that night. I ran around trying to clean the house. Then I had to leave at 6pm to go meet my husband at an event 40 minutes away. Well, with poor Calendar work and miscommunication, we arrived at our even 45 minutes late and ready to kill. Being late really stresses me out, on top of everything else.

After our event, we went to the airport. We picked up my brother-in-law, got dinner, and by the time we got home it was midnight. Frickin’ midnight! I was exhausted, to say the least.

Our situation made me think: What could’ve been done differently here? Where did we fail?!

I failed yesterday on a number of points. Here are my thoughts on what could’ve been done better:

  1. Double-check appointment information. I should’ve double-checked our event invitation wayyy earlier in the day. I assumed we knew where we were going (you know what happens when you assume). We ended up running around trying to find the place and circling the airport for 30+ minutes. I felt foolish.
  2. Leave a lot earlier for appointments. I underestimated traffic on my way to the DMV. I should’ve left about a half hour earlier, not 10 minutes beforehand. I am chronically late for appointments, I really need to work on this habit.
  3. Plan ahead. Thirdly, and overall, I should’ve planned my day better! I need to seriously start making a task list either the night before or when I wake up. We tend to overestimate the amount we can do in a day (I do all the time) and I end up with a huge list of items still to do at the end of the day, which makes me feel un-productive.

I am continuously working on improving myself and my habits. These are some key points that I’m working on now. I’m hoping that this will lead to less stress and more productivity.

What are some days/times that you failed to make appointments? What could’ve been done differently or better? Leave a comment below! 🙂


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