Force an extra 15 minutes on yourself & change your whole day (and life!)

In keeping with one of my 2017 resolutions to wake up earlier/have better mornings/plan a better day, I have tried to start getting up when my alarm goes off.

Now, you probably just read that a few times and thought, uh… what? What do you mean when your alarm goes off?

What I mean is, when my alarm goes off the first time. I am a serial snoozer.

Force an extra 15 minutes on yourself & change your whole day (and life!) | Emily Gets Elegant
Force an extra 15 minutes on yourself & change your whole day (and life!) | Emily Gets Elegant

No matter how many times I’ve read about the “benefits of waking up earlier”, “what successful people do in the morning” and “DO NOT HIT SNOOZE WHATEVER YOU DO!!!”, I continue to do it. This is a serious bad habit I want to break in 2017.

My thought process is this when my alarm goes off: holy crap i was just in the middle of a dream i am still sooooo tired omg these blankets are so nice and warm i totally have time to snuggle with hubby a bit longer ?

And then I hit snooze at least one two three times.

Now I’ve lost 45 minutes of precious time. I finally (groggily) get out of bed, slowly move about the room, and when I have my wits about me, I rush rush rush to get ready and get out the door or to my desk. Usually without washing my face, putting on makeup, styling my hair, or (on particularly bad days) all three. ?

By the time I’m “ready to work”, I’m gulping down my coffee, still half awake, and trying to get my thoughts together for the work day, which has already started. Occasionally the phone already starts ringing when I’m not even dressed yet. Talk about feeling unprepared and un-confident when you answer the call.

This rushed, uncoordinated me lasts through most of the day, until I get into a “groove” (about 2-3pm) and get, what I call, a “grasp” on my day.

This is a pattern that occurs almost every day, and I’m starting to really hate it. Here is my thought:

If I get up when the alarm goes off, (no matter how much sleepy-me tries to persuade successful-me otherwise), then I will be a better, more confident me.

So if you’re like me, we need to break this habit. Even though you think you’re getting extra sleep, that 15-45 minutes has a negative, domino effect on the rest of your day. I put the word “Force” in the title because so often we don’t think we need or deserve this extra time on ourselves. Here is inspiration for me, and, hopefully, you!

What can you do with that extra 15 minutes in the a.m.?

Care for your skin.

Take some time and treat your skin so you’ll have that glowing, healthy look all day. I love Clearasil’s Morning Burst Facial Cleanser. It smells slightly citrus-y and contains brightening beads that tingle your skin and make you feel very refreshed and awake. Using cold water also helps me to wake up quicker.

After washing, I use Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisurizing Lotion. It has a light, nutty scent to it, and feels soft on the skin (bonus – it contains Dimethicone, the same key ingredient found in makeup primers!)

Do your makeup with purpose.

Nothing makes me feel more confident and ready to take on the day quite like wearing beautiful makeup. Once I have this done, I feel like no matter what happens that day, I know that I will at least look my absolute best.

I’ve been listening to several beauty YouTuber’s recently talk about why they love makeup. NikkieTutorials talks about how makeup was her “armor” of confidence. And I LOVE that sentiment!

Slowly and purposefully putting on makeup and making yourself look FANtastic is a wonderful way to kickstart your day.

Have a great hair day!

I am currently at odds with my own hair, but I’m trying to love it more. I guess what it boils down to is I’m lazy and my hair requires more than 5 minutes to maintain.

When I don’t do anything to it or hastily throw it up in a bun, I feel “OK” but lackluster.

When I do spend the time to blowdry, style and spritz, I look great and feel confident about it for the rest of the day. It’s a lot of work (gah! that word!) but each time I do it, I so appreciate it for many hours afterwards.

Hey girl, do you struggle with waking up in the morning too? How do you get ready for the day? What do you wish you could improve? Share your thoughts below! ❤️

Here’s to you as a more confident, productive, boss babe in 2017!

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