The Power of Goal-Setting

This happens to me every year around the holidays. The end of the year starts wrapping up; people are less concerned about working and more concerned about spending time with their families; and we look to ourselves and our lives as we think about the closeness, and new-ness, of the next year: 2018.

I am starting to look to the new year for change. And as I do that, I look back at the past couple of years:

  • Last year around this time, things were actually pretty crappy in our lives. 2016 overall was great – we got married – but the end of it was just not good. I vowed that 2017 would be different; that it would be the BEST year, that something like that would never happen again.
  • 2017 has ended up being a year of high highs and lowwww lows. Some of the lowest lows I’ve ever experienced, that have seriously made me question my life choices. But the end of it is coming to a nice, pleasant, HIGH close. The scars from this year, though, have run so deep, that I am, once again, vowing that 2018 will be different.

One thing to notice, however, is through these highs and lows, GOALS that my husband and I put together have actually… come to fruition. A lot of 2017 felt like it was wildly out of my control, and yet, some things still managed to come together, strangely enough. And how? Here’s what I’ve learned:

Write them down.

Listening to Harv Eker has taught me a lot, but the biggest idea he teaches is to write down your goals. And it’s true: it really does work. You can’t just keep ideas/goals in your head. Writing them down not only helps you remember them, but it also makes it more real and gives “life” to your goals.

Make a deadline.

When you write them, make sure you document when you wrote your list of goals. Give yourself a timeline, or deadline. And don’t just use your deadline as a suggestion; set it as a hard date. Hold yourself accountable!

Turn your goals into edible, do-able pieces, and you’ll actually do them.

Don’t just put “learn fluent Spanish” in a deadline. That’s a large, hefty goal. Chop it up into edible pieces: maybe set a goal to practice 1 hour a week, and by 3 months, test yourself against a fluent speaker. That way you are moving forward on your goal, and you are also setting a measurable goal, because you’ll be able to see where your skills are by that third month.

It’s been my experience that when you simply write down goals, the universe listens.

Take control of your life and tell it what YOU want!

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