Review + Swatch: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm & Lacquer Balm

revlon colorburst
Photos taken by me. Products by Revlon.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I bought all these products myself.

I have a problem. Lipsticks, balms, lip lacquers, lip tars, lip gloss, lippies… I love them all. Plus I am on the ultimate quest to find the perfect nude lip for my skin tone. So a trip to the drugstore is incomplete without at least 1 lip product to try.

Today we’ll be talking about the Revlon Colorburst balms. I have a smattering of their matte and lacquer (glossy) balms.

They’re awesome because:

  1. Packaging: Chubby, pen-like product fits comfortably in the hand, makes it easy to hold and apply, and also the secure cap and twist-up bottom make it a nice addition to the purse. The colors of the product match well with the colors of the packaging — so you know what you’re getting.
  2. Product: Both the matte and lacquer types are in a fat, crayon-like shape. They both glide on very smooth. Color payoff is excellent, as is the buttery feeling of the product on the lips. There is some transfer due to normal eating, drinking, and daily life, but for the most part it stays vibrant throughout the day. Additionally there is a subtle, pleasant, peppermint scent on each type when you first apply.

Things to consider:

  1. Price: $9.79 at CVS Pharmacy. A little on the spicy side, but they last FOREVER.

To the swatching!

Swatching these babies was fun in that they glide on super easy. And they came off clean with one or two swipes of a cotton round with micellar water.

When you look at these colors, just keep in mind that I am probably the palest Floridian in the state (and I’m from here).

revlon colorburst balm swatches

So I have six now and I love them all. I definitely would recommend you try at least one of these for yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚

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3 surefire ways to keep appointments

3 surefire ways to keep appointments
3 surefire ways to keep appointments

Yesterday I was running around like a mad woman. I woke up at a decent time (6ish), got ready and almost immediately got to work. My day started to go downhill, however, when I was 1 minute late to my DMV appointment to change my name and my wait got extended to 70 minutes. (I stopped to chat to my elderly neighbor… trying to do something nice and it ended up nipping me in the butt. Ugh). Then I had 2 errands to run and by the time I got back home, I had been gone for 2 1/2 hours. A HUGE chunk of time. I was stressed, I was mad, I was anxious by the time I got home at 4pm.

I started to stress out too because our house was a mess and we were expecting company that night. I ran around trying to clean the house. Then I had to leave at 6pm to go meet my husband at an event 40 minutes away. Well, with poor Calendar work and miscommunication, we arrived at our even 45 minutes late and ready to kill. Being late really stresses me out, on top of everything else.

After our event, we went to the airport. We picked up my brother-in-law, got dinner, and by the time we got home it was midnight. Frickin’ midnight! I was exhausted, to say the least.

Our situation made me think: What could’ve been done differently here? Where did we fail?!

I failed yesterday on a number of points. Here are my thoughts on what could’ve been done better:

  1. Double-check appointment information. I should’ve double-checked our event invitation wayyy earlier in the day. I assumed we knew where we were going (you know what happens when you assume). We ended up running around trying to find the place and circling the airport for 30+ minutes. I felt foolish.
  2. Leave a lot earlier for appointments. I underestimated traffic on my way to the DMV. I should’ve left about a half hour earlier, not 10 minutes beforehand. I am chronically late for appointments, I really need to work on this habit.
  3. Plan ahead. Thirdly, and overall, I should’ve planned my day better! I need to seriously start making a task list either the night before or when I wake up. We tend to overestimate the amount we can do in a day (I do all the time) and I end up with a huge list of items still to do at the end of the day, which makes me feel un-productive.

I am continuously working on improving myself and my habits. These are some key points that I’m working on now. I’m hoping that this will lead to less stress and more productivity.

What are some days/times that you failed to make appointments? What could’ve been done differently or better? Leave a comment below! ๐Ÿ™‚


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4 ways to save time doing laundry (and maybe enjoy it too!)

4-ways-to-save-time-doing-laundryLaundry is everyone’s least favorite chore. Laundry is the “Neverending Story” as an adult. It feels like every time you’re ahead, you’re behind.

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve found over the years that have helped cut down on this dreaded task.

1) Sort – the (very) first step. Ok, this seems like a no-brainer, but it’s really important. I have found that having separate bins for lights, darks, towels, and delicates really helps when it comes time to do laundry. So when you change clothes, you can throw the dirty ones in the corresponding bin, and when you go to do laundry, the sorting is already (hopefully) taken care of (unless you have a husband that sometimes just throws his dirty clothes on any flat surface – get to training ladies!).

2) Do at least 1 load of laundry per day. Laundry sucks, I know. But if you do at least 1 load every day, you can get through it a LOT quicker. That huge, menacing pile of dirty clothes is no longer an issue if you take care of 1 measly load a day. I drown in laundry after a few days, and I only have a husband and a cat. I can only imagine if you have 4 kids, a husband, 2 dogs, 3 cats, what that’s like. So do yourself a favor and do 1 load a day.

3) Get to know your appliances. Your washer and dryer should be some of your best friends. We recently just bought a house and got brand spankin’ new appliances. We got a high efficiency, WiFi-enabled, gadgets-out-the-ass washer and dryer from Samsung. When I first started using them, I just used the Normal settings on each, because I was either in too much of a hurry or too lazy to really learn how to use them (because who has time?). But one day I got a wild hair and read through the different options. Now I know which settings are the most efficient for different loads and types. Take one evening and really get to know your washer & dryer. Trust me, you will thank yourself.

4) Fold & Put Away. This is the part that really frustrates me. I despise folding. But I found different ways to make it more enjoyable and more efficient:

  1. Firstly, I like to fold laundry on our bed. So make the bed: it will create a nice, clean space for you to work, and clean up the room.
  2. Watch TV or a movie while folding.
  3. Talk to your spouse.
  4. Listen to cheery music.
  5. Drink wine! Wine makes everything more enjoyable.
  6. Place “like” items together. Duh, everyone knows this. But I want you to get really detailed: place each person’s “hanging” items on top of one another. Then grab a bunch of hangers. Put a hanger in each shirt, and as you do so, fold the shirts down on top of each other. Then when you’re done with the pile, grab the whole pile by the hangers and hang them up all at once. Easy!
  7. Save socks for last. If folding laundry sucks, folding socks together has to be the most mind-numbing task ever. So save it for last. I throw all the socks back in the laundry bin and put everything away before going to the socks.

So there you have it! Methods I’ve found that have cut time on laundry and made the task just a bit more enjoyable. I hope you have found these helpful. What are some ways you save time on laundry? Leave a comment below! ๐Ÿ™‚

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6 Items on My Path to Self-Discovery and the Meaning of Life

For years, ever since I met my now-husband, I have felt like there is so much I could offer to this world, if I could only find my passion.

We are both very much into generating passive income streams, kicking the 9-5 life, and just being able to illustrate and direct our own lives how we see fit. I don’t want to run in someone else’s schedule. I want to set my own.

This quest has been plaguing me for years. But, now, I feel like I have finally settled on what I want to “do” in life:

  1. I want to continue to try and answer this question for myself.
  2. I want to get the most quality out of my life.
  3. I want to help others find their own answers to their meaning of life.
  4. I want to LIVE. I don’t want to SURVIVE. There is so much life out there to experience and enjoy.
  5. I want to be happy doing it.
  6. I want to wake up every day with a driving force, a purpose that fuels me.

Let’s all find our purpose, our passion, in our lives. That is the meaning of our lives.



Stock Photo Credit: Pixabay
Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

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My take: NYX Lip Lingerie

Yup. Here I am again. Standing in the CVS Pharmacy makeup aisle checking out what’s new. I scoot over to the NYX display and am happy to see the NYX Lip Lingerie products included. There aren’t many to pick through, but I settle on what I believe to be my nude color, LIPLI11 “Baby Doll” which is a soft, pale nude color.

I like the packaging, and I know that NYX is known to have some of the best lip products, so I’m excited to try it on.

It does glide on very smoothly, very similar to its liquid soft matte lip products, which I (and pretty much everyone else) just adore. It feels creamy on the lips. I DO have to smile a bit to fill in gaps with pigment, which I find odd, but it seems to work and the finished product looks clean.

However, either I chose the wrong color for myself or what, but I really don’t like the color. I don’t know if it’s because I just have pale skin to begin with, but I am starting to really not like nude colors on myself. Maybe I just haven’t found the right nude, but I haven’t had success with it at all.

I tried to wear it. I really did. But I ended up wiping it off about 10 minutes later. Couldn’t stand the way it looked on my lips. I was washed out.

Perhaps in the future I’ll try a more reddish/pinkish color, but it just looked really weird on me. Do not recommend! (at least not that color)

My take:
Formula: *****
Color payoff: *****
Price: ***** (30% off at the time at CVS Pharmacy)

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My take: Simple Micellar Water

Simple Micellar Water review

Today I was wearing Garnier BB cream which has a light, slightly oily coverage (more on that later). I like it though because when I’m slightly tan it matches my complexion better.

Since I had light coverage on today, I thought it’d be a great time to try out my new Simple Micellar Water that I had just picked up yesterday at CVS. I had read somewhere that it works better when you have lighter coverage (I think the website…).

Description from the Simple website:
“Simple Micellar Cleansing Water thoroughly cleanses by removing make-up, dirt, and impurities while unclogging pores. To instantly boost skin hydration by 90 percent, it is made with triple purified water, skin-loving ingredients, and multivitamins. Applied with a cotton round, Simple Micellar Cleansing Water leaves skin feeling fresh and revitalized, with no residue and no rinsing required.”

So I sat down and went through my evening routine. I took out my cotton pads and dosed an ample amount of the Micellar Water on a pad. And yes, it is just like water in its consistency.

I read the simple (no pun intended) directions and slapped that cotton on my face. I rubbed gently in circles and I could tell from my reflection and the pad itself that a LOT ofย  makeup was coming off.

Like all Simple products, it has no perfumes or weird chemicals. But this did have a slight scent that was pleasant. It wafted away soon after but it was nice, not distracting in any way.

My skin felt GREAT. It does feel like you’re washing your face. Though it says no need to rinse, it was hard for me to resist the urge since we’re trained basically since we’re born to wash our face. But I resisted.It has been 15 minutes now and my face feels clean, moisturized, and amazing. This could be a new favorite.Like anyone else I’m known to skip a face washing every now and then. This could change all that. It actually feels good and satisfying to clean your face like this.

My take: Love it. Try it!

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